TURKEY 🇹🇷may 2017

Hello world🌎

Tonight’s blog is going to be about my upcoming holiday to turkey 🇹🇷❤!x

This is the beach that my villa looks on to it is called laviora beach way .|the sand is so soft between your toes and the water 💦 is so silky soft (if that makes sense)does it?i dunno?🤷‍♀️

Yes but my mum has booked up for me my mum,and my gran and grandpa it’s going to be so great the pool at my villa is massive !comment a big👍🏻down bellow if you would like me to blog on holiday it’s not until may but oh well🔥in Turkie you see a lot of cats/kittens I give them names I take a picture of them and write there same name on the sc bar .everything is lovely in turkie ❤I will also be blogging on the plane ✈️!

Peace ✌🏼 out 



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