Hello world 🌎 

   It’s me Brooke of coarse,’why would I even say that?shut up Brooke ‘!

And today is an extra special day for me anyway because I’m going to the midwife with my auntie,she has only got 10 weeks left until she has her baby girl Sophia!! Isn’t it cute🤗i can’t wait !!!any way it’s currently 9.06am and her appointment is for 11.30am ,she takes forever to get ready because she is mua (make up artist)so all her make up has to be perfect 👌🏻.

Incase you are wondering why I am at my aunties so early is because my mum is working and it’s the school holiday whoop whoop🎉!!! And my auntie is watching me just now❤has been the whole holiday😂

She has to 🐶s Frenchbulldogs actually the are the dearest dogs in the world😵…I love playing about with them but my 🐶 tootsie is not to fond of them. The big blue and tan one is called PK and the little blonde one is called WILLOW!

Peace out ✌🏼 

Offline 👎🏻


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