My top 5 lush protucts 🌸

Hello world🌎

Today’s blog is going to be all about my top five lush products 🌸

Lush is my favourite shop in the whole wide🌎.In favouritism order😂

1.hand of friend ship (soap)🌸This is my new new favourite,it’s fairly new.Its so mosturising on your skin I would recommend it to anyone and every one.Its great 🌸

2.unicorn horn(bubble bar) 🌸I love this ,Because it’s super cute,I love the colours.And also it makes your bath full of beautiful bubbles.and it makes your skin super soft🌸I’ll stop rambling,try it for yourself.

3.intergalactic (bath bomb)🌸At first I only bought this for the colours but what I didn’t realise,because I was in the shop was that it smelled amazing absolutely gorgeous.And it’s so fascinating just to watch it fizz away in your bath🌸.

4.Rainbow (bath fun)|(shampoo)🌸this has to be the best invention ever made it smells amazing,it’s super soft,it’s mouldable and it has multiple purposes 🌸 struck(bubble bar)🌸this product is just the cutest because it looks exactly like an emoji and also has a citrusy cent.just be careful the citrusy cent may make you a bit emoji-nal 😂😂🌸

So that my top five .find out what’s yours❤peace out✌🏼

Offline 👎🏻


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