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Most embarrassing experience of my life😱

Hello world🌎

Today’s blog is about the most embarrassing experience of my life !!! READ ON!😂

Well today I was at a cross country running competition it was two whole circuits of Maryhill park😱say whatt ! And I lost my shoe in the mud on the first lap so I had to run a full lap of the park in one shoe !and I got loads of glass in my foot 😞it’s so soar. I came 50th with my friend Abbie out of 66 P7s! I’m just proud that I finished it ! Comment 👍🏻 if you think I was race to run in one shoe 👠! 

Love you guys !❤

✌🏼 out 


TURKEY 🇹🇷may 2017

Hello world🌎

Tonight’s blog is going to be about my upcoming holiday to turkey 🇹🇷❤!x

This is the beach that my villa looks on to it is called laviora beach way .|the sand is so soft between your toes and the water 💦 is so silky soft (if that makes sense)does it?i dunno?🤷‍♀️

Yes but my mum has booked up for me my mum,and my gran and grandpa it’s going to be so great the pool at my villa is massive !comment a big👍🏻down bellow if you would like me to blog on holiday it’s not until may but oh well🔥in Turkie you see a lot of cats/kittens I give them names I take a picture of them and write there same name on the sc bar .everything is lovely in turkie ❤I will also be blogging on the plane ✈️!

Peace ✌🏼 out 



Hello world 🌎 

   It’s me Brooke of coarse,’why would I even say that?shut up Brooke ‘!

And today is an extra special day for me anyway because I’m going to the midwife with my auntie,she has only got 10 weeks left until she has her baby girl Sophia!! Isn’t it cute🤗i can’t wait !!!any way it’s currently 9.06am and her appointment is for 11.30am ,she takes forever to get ready because she is mua (make up artist)so all her make up has to be perfect 👌🏻.

Incase you are wondering why I am at my aunties so early is because my mum is working and it’s the school holiday whoop whoop🎉!!! And my auntie is watching me just now❤has been the whole holiday😂

She has to 🐶s Frenchbulldogs actually the are the dearest dogs in the world😵…I love playing about with them but my 🐶 tootsie is not to fond of them. The big blue and tan one is called PK and the little blonde one is called WILLOW!

Peace out ✌🏼 

Offline 👎🏻

Stop bullying!

Hello world🌎

You may not know this but it’s a privilege to be different!🙂

Bulliying is a disease it contagious,

Don’t contribute to bullying just over %80 of kids deaths are through bullying 😓think about it it if was a member of your family would you like it

For every share/like or comment could boost a bully victims confidence ! Comment 💛to stop bullying 

Peace out ✌🏼 

Offline 👎🏻

What shall I wear!👍🏻

Hello word🌎

I really need your advice and quick I’m going to see the midwife with my auntie tomorrow and have no clue what to wear?☹️And i need your help to decide on what to wear! Choice 1.Cute baggy jeans 👖,with a nice top and fur shall |or|choice 2.plain black leggings white huaraches,white kenzo to and jumper 👚COMMENT DOWN BELOW WHAT YOU THINK 💭 the power is in your hands!!!🌸


All about me🌸

This blog is going to be all about me ,if you want to get to know me then read on !🌸

My name/ is girlgoneblogging

Age/11(soon to be 12)

Fave fast food/McDonald’s 

Fave homemade dinner/mince and potatoes 




So that’s my all about me ,🌸

I would love to know al about you so do one and tag me 🌸

My top 5 lush protucts 🌸

Hello world🌎

Today’s blog is going to be all about my top five lush products 🌸

Lush is my favourite shop in the whole wide🌎.In favouritism order😂

1.hand of friend ship (soap)🌸This is my new new favourite,it’s fairly new.Its so mosturising on your skin I would recommend it to anyone and every one.Its great 🌸

2.unicorn horn(bubble bar) 🌸I love this ,Because it’s super cute,I love the colours.And also it makes your bath full of beautiful bubbles.and it makes your skin super soft🌸I’ll stop rambling,try it for yourself.

3.intergalactic (bath bomb)🌸At first I only bought this for the colours but what I didn’t realise,because I was in the shop was that it smelled amazing absolutely gorgeous.And it’s so fascinating just to watch it fizz away in your bath🌸.

4.Rainbow (bath fun)|(shampoo)🌸this has to be the best invention ever made it smells amazing,it’s super soft,it’s mouldable and it has multiple purposes 🌸

5.love struck(bubble bar)🌸this product is just the cutest because it looks exactly like an emoji and also has a citrusy cent.just be careful the citrusy cent may make you a bit emoji-nal 😂😂🌸

So that my top five .find out what’s yours❤peace out✌🏼

Offline 👎🏻

First blog👍🏻

Hello world 🌎

My name is Brooke and I am 11years old soon to be 12 on the 1st of august 🎉whoop whoop.I have a 🐶 called tootsie she is a tea cup yorkie she is 2 soon to be 3 on the 1st of April 🎉whoop whoop.I also have a hamster called Nina she is 6 months old she is the fastest hamster in the world ,a rorovskie or something like that but she is oddly slow in my house 🏡 .Ilive in Glasgow with my mum ,tootsie and Nina I have lots of friends at my school❤